How ShopMate beats the downsides of online and offline shopping!

Most of you will agree when we say, "we all love window shopping". Be it on the internet or at the traditional store, don’t we all love to see and examine those flashy mobile phones, fabulous bikes and high tech laptops? Now whether we end up buying them or not, that’s a different case altogether. With the inception of online shopping, there has always been a debate about which one is better, offline or online. Like everyone else, even we cannot state which is the clear winner. However, both have their own pros and cons which we have outlined below, so read along!

Drawbacks of Online Shopping:

1. Not being able to touch and feel the product before buying - Traditionally buyers have the tendency and longing to touch and feel a product before buying. "How will it look when it is in use? How durable is it? Is it how I imagined it would be?" Buyers first resolve these queries and then make a purchase decision. Online shopping fails to provide this fundamental experience, making it a major pain point for buyers.

2. Difficult to judge the authenticity of seller - Buyers face a hard time trying to judge the identity and authenticity of a seller. Buyers are looking for someone they can trust and during online shopping they are not able to gauge the genuineness of a seller.

Drawbacks of Offline Shopping:

1. Traditional shopping consumes valuable time - Most people face this. They don’t even realize how all those hours go by when they go out shopping. But in this fast-paced life, time is money. Furthermore, with certain customized products one might have to walk around the whole market and go shop to shop to find what they are looking for, which takes up a lot of time.

2. Traditional shopping takes up valuable energy spent in bargaining - Who doesn’t want a good bargain? We all do; but nobody actually enjoys going store to store, identifying whether the shops have the product that they want and then haggling with shopkeepers for a good bargain. Therefore, people find it inconvenient and tiring to expend so much energy while shopping in a traditional market.

ShopMate - your savior

ShopMate delivers you the best of both worlds - online as well as offline. Let us take go over the aforementioned points one by one and see how ShopMate provides a solution.

1. ShopMate is a platform that allows you to view a product, examine all its specifications and variants, book it online, only to make the final purchase from a local vendor who has confirmed your order. Isn’t that a relief? Thus, ShopMate brings you ease of online shopping alongwith the touch & feel experience of a traditional, offline store.

2. ShopMate has a wide network of local vendors who offer their products on our site. There is no need to worry about identifying and authenticating the seller. He might even be someone you pass by everyday on the way to work! ShopMate dispels all uncertainties one might associate with online shopping.

3. Now, the universal greivance about offline shopping- too much time required. ShopMate allows you to research online. You can decide on the product you want to purchase just with a few clicks while sitting on your sofa. Choose from over a thousand products listed on our website.

4. Not only does ShopMate save your time and energy, but your money as well. How? ShopMate creates a virtual market where you can collectively bargain for a product and pull the overall price down. The best part - we do it for you! All you need to do is express your interest, then sit back and relax while we get you the best group discounted prices. Neat, right?

Now that we have put our point across, it’s your turn to become a smart shopper and express your interest in ShopMate!