Eureka Forbes Aquasure Xpert 8 L RO + UV +UF Water Purifier
MRP :  20999/-

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Xpert 8 L RO + UV +UF Water Purifier Information


Equipped with RO+UV+UF technology, AquaSure Xpert comes with an advanced purification system that shields you from risky chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals like arsenic, lead, mercury and gets rid of water borne illness causing cysts, bacteria and viruses. Its highly developed TDS regulator regularly senses the TDS levels in the water and chooses the finest purification procedure based on the input water. Further, the Taste Guard Technology gives you water that tastes healthy, safe and pure. It uses Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra Violet (UV) and Ultra Filtration (UF) purification technologies, and I-Cartridge, Chemi Block, EMLE, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, UF Cartridge, Post Carbon Cartridge, Ultra Voilet Treatment and Taste Guard filtration/purification modules.

    Unique Features
    • • Only Aqua Sure Xpert has the patented Taste Guard Technology that automatically adjusts the purification technology based on the input quality of water
    • • Provides safe drinking water with balanced mineral content
    • • Cartridge and UV Life notification to schedule your service calls
    • • User-friendly LCD display and soft-touch buttons

Water Purifier Specifications
  • Purifier Type
    RO + UV,
  • Purifier Capacity Range
    Below 10 L,
  • Purifier Capacity
      8 litres
  • Purifier Model
      Aquasure Xpert
  • Purification Methodology
      Purification system gives you protection from harmful chemicals, pesticides and dreaded heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury and also removes water borne disease causing bacteria, viruses and cysts
  • Mounting
Purifier Features
  • Flow Rate
      15 litre/hour
  • Purifier Other Features
      Auto Flush Facility (Ensures Superior Membrane Life by Auto Cleaning the System)
  • Purifier Services
      Onsite service
Purifier Power Features
  • Purifier Power Mode
  • Power Consumption
      36 watts
  • Mains Voltage
      230 V AC, 50 Hz
  • Weight
      11.5 kg
  • Height
      330 mm
  • Depth
      390 mm
  • Width
      405 mm
  • Warranty
      The Goods are warranted against defects arising from faulty designs, workmanship and materials for 12 months from the date of Installation or 15 months from the date of sale, whichever is earlier subject to the Terms and Conditions applicable
In the Box
  • In The Box
      1 Unit, User Manual, Warranty Card, Service Center Details
MRP Price Range
  • MRP Price Range
    20,001 - 30,000,