Successfully connecting the worlds of Online and Offline commerce

Within a short span of 2 years, ShopMate has managed to attain success in revolutionising the concept of e-commerce. Giving customers the opportunity to shop from their local stores within the comfort of their own homes. ShopMate has brought convenience, transparency and freedom from the struggle of bargaining to every household in Delhi NCR.

AUGUST 22, 2016
How ShopMate is adjoining online and offline commerce?

Sambhavi Sinha, CEO of ShopMate, walks through the core idea behind this young startup and online-to-offline (O2O) commerce with ShopMate promotes offline shopping by providing local sellers an opportunity to compete with other online and offline vendors while ensuring customers save time and energy. At ShopMate, you get group-discounts and attractive offers from trusted, nearby sellers on 100 percent genuine products—all from the comfort of your home.

June 25, 2016
The Making of

Economic Times the world renowned newspaper, recently covered ShopMate. CEO Smabhavi Sinha had a good interaction with ET people and narrated the whole story of making of ShopMate. Things got interesting when she narrated how she used to visit shop to shop convincing sellers to associate themselves with ShopMate. Currently working with 500 sellers in Delhi NCR, ShopMate also revealed its plans to roll out its operations in Meerut, Agra, Chandigarh and Lucknow later this year. Read the whole conversation revealing many things behind this Delhi based Online to Offline e-commerce start-up :

June 17, 2016
ShopMate - a revolution in shopping is coming

Shopping is music to everyone’s ears. However within no time this music turns into a headache when one can’t find the right place and price to buy his/her favourite product. In this coverage by Navbharat Times, one of the most read Hindi newspapers, you will come to know how ShopMate can bring you the best deals form the market. ShopMate has emerged as a fresh one in the red ocean of e-commerce websites. After benefiting the Delhi NCR people, ShopMate is planning to roll out its business in Tier 2 cities like Meerut, Agra, Lucknow and Chandigarh. Read the full news here and get to know what CEO Sambhavi Sinha has to say about her venture

June 17, 2016
Agra, Meerut and Lucknow! Roll out the red carpet for ShopMate!

Yes! ShopMate is entering the tier 2 cities after spreading the power of togetherness in Delhi NCR. The start-up which offered group discounts in product categories like Mobile, Tablets, Scooter, Bikes, Laptops and Computers is now planning to offer the same in electronics like cooler, refrigerators and washing machine. India TV’s online newspaper version currently covered the ShopMate and took a note of its future plans. The company which has already rolled out its operations in Meerut after making Delhi NCR happy, spoke in detail about it further plans. Read the full article here:

June 17, 2016
ShopMate on its way to tier-2 cities!

After taking the Delhi NCR by storm, ShopMate has now steered its ship towards tier 2 cities. Meerut, Lucknow, Agra and Chandigarh are on the top of the bucket list. “But that’s not it, we are planning to expand to some other metro cities also”, says CEO Sambhavi Sinha. Currently dealing in Mobile, Tablets, Scooter, Bikes, Laptops and Computers, ShopMate is planning to bring other electronics like refrigerators, coolers etc. on their website. ShopMate has already benefitted the Delhi NCR customers with its unique group discount concept called EOI. Now it has all the plans ready for tier 2 cities. Read the whole news here at

JUNE 12, 2016
Problem solver by choice but an entrepreneur by chance!

Business is not only making money. It is to give a solution and empower the consumers. The famous Indian newspaper, Times of India interviewed the ShopMate CEO Sambhavi Sinha. TOI brought the best out of the conversation and asked Sambhavi to narrate the inception of ShopMate. Also she told the story how a girl studying Economics in America became an entrepreneur in India. According to her she is a problem solver by choice but an entrepreneur by chance. Read this full conversation here :

June 12, 2016
All it takes is an idea and perseverance to achieve something big.

All she had was an idea. The idea to revolutionise the e-commerce. Now it is known as ShopMate. The titan Hindi newspaper, Dainik Jagran covered the story of ShopMate. This article shows how the idea of this start-up took birth and then a shape it is in today. Take a deep dive into the article and get to know how this website gives you the best of both worlds; on-line as well as offline shopping. Browse a product on-line, book it and buy it from your neighbourhood shop. Moreover, it guarantees to pay you back the whole amount if you don’t like the product delivered to you. Read the full article here:

MAY 23, 2016
ShopMate bringing the best of both worlds to its customers.

Tired of measuring the whole city market on your feet? Also have trust issues with online shopping? Do not fear when ShopMate is here. In its current coverage by online newspaper The Statesman, ShopMate CEO Sambhavi Sinha described the idea behind the working of ShopMate. They have come up with a pretty interesting concept of group buying. The word they use is Expression of Interest shortened as EOI. Now what is EOI and how it benefits buyers? It is a way using which buyers can register their buying interest in a product which will then get accumulated with other EOIs. It further results in better group discounts from sellers. Read the full article here and enlighten yourself: