About ShopMate

ShopMate offers you the simplest and most effective way to shop. Just look up a product and ShopMate will list the best offers available from sellers near you. But ShopMate is not just another price listing site. In a nutshell, ShopMate’s unique concept is that if you are not satisfied with the prices you see listed, simply click “Bargain Now”. ShopMate then connects with shop owners in your locality and allows you to receive group discounts.

How do you receive group discounts for a single order?

ShopMate's USP is based on extracting advantage from numbers. ShopMate groups together all bargain requests for a particular item and invites offer from local vendors, creating live competition among them. The sellers then bid for the customers’ business on a real time basis. As more and more people send bargain requests for a product, ShopMate consolidates them and sellers quote lower prices to grab the bulk order. Specifically, once shopkeepers know the quantum of demand for a product, they revise their rates in order to make them more competitive and appealing to customers, thus enabling buyers to receive group discounted prices.

ShopMate for the community

The exponential growth in the ecommerce sector witnessed in the recent years has led to a decline in offline retail and decrease in overall footfall in retail stores. ShopMate aims to provide sellers with a platform that allows them to compete effectively with their online counterparts. ShopMate offers its customers freedom from the uncertainties of online shopping, confidence of the best local price along with the ease of shopping offline without stumbling from store to store in search of the best bargain. Now you can avail the benefits of bulk buying from trusted known local sellers on 100% genuine products- all from the comfort of your home.